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Hook Types for Shale Shaker

Shale shaker screen is widely used in several of industries and small and medium-sized particles, such as mineral, coal, stone crushing, ceramics, chemicals, refractory, and grains. There are several types of shale shaker screen hook. The customers can free choose according own uses.

The shale shaker screen hook is an approach of mesh tail. According to the wire diameter of the mesh, it can be divided into five types:

The first type is wire bending instead of using the plate.
The diameter of wire is 6.00mm at least.
The second type is wire mesh welded plate bending.
The diameter of wire is 4.00mm at least.
The third type is with wood flooring and then is bent into u-shaped fence.
The diameter of wire is between 1.0mm and 4.5mm.
The forth type is rubber gasket (natural white rubber) which is type of wood flooring.
This diameter of wire is mainly 1.0mm. It can be rivet welding of relief wire mesh.
The fifth type is with wood flooring.
The plate is fixed on the shale shaker screen and it is difficulty to pull it out.
So It is difficult to pull it out and then riveting.
The diameter of wire is mainly 1.0mm.

We can provide the special types for users.

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