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Frame Flat Shale Shaker Screen

The frame flat shale shaker screens are made from metal. The wire cloth is rigidly bonded to a perforated metal panel which will prolong the screen life.
Material: stainless steel wire, low carbon galvanized.
Weaving and characteristics: crimp before welding.
Uses: used in coal, mine, water profession.

  • Frame Flat Screen
    PDFF-1 Frame Flat Screen
  • Frame Flat Screen
    PDFF-2 Frame Flat Screen
  • Frame Flat Screen
    PDFF-3 Frame Flat Screen
  • Frame Flat Screen
    PDFF-4 Frame Flat Screen
Screen Item Mesh No. Dimension (Length × Width) Approx Weight (Kg)
PDFF-1 16-325 585 × 170mm 12
PDFF-2 16-325 635 × 1253mm 13.5
PDFF-3 16-325 913 × 650mm 12.5
PDFF-4 16-325 720 × 1220mm 17
PDFF-5 16-325 712 × 1181mm 17
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