Hook Strip Screen

Hook strip screens are the replacement products of flat screens. The effective area is 125% to 150% of flat screens. Without changing the construction of shakers, the using of the screens can improve the quality of drilling fluid and increase the production. We can supply screens with mesh sizes ranging from 60 to 250.

Features of Hook strip screen

  1. Different layers with different density. To arrange these layers reasonably and exactly, the screening effect will become more and better.
  2. The waved cloth bonded to metal backing plate, has more surface. The effective area of a screen obtain 125% to 150% of a flat screen so that screen can load more drilling fluid flow.
Screen Item Mesh No. Dimension (Length × Width) Approx Weight (Kg)
PDHP-1 80–210 635 × 1253 mm 17.5
PDHP-2 80–210 697 × 1050 mm 7.5
PDHP-3 80–210 697 × 1053 mm 5.8
PDHP-4 80–210 915 × 1150 mm 10

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